Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sweet Corn. Sweet Memories.

One of my work perks is sometimes not knowing what the day will bring.  Yesterday, Buck and I took the Ranger to a field where a farmer plants lots of sweet corn for everyone pick.  This corn is fantastic!

The corn makes me think of the garden my mom used to plant.  I realize now how much I under appreciated all of the great food we got to eat this time of year.  I used to view the garden as a way for my parents to get more child labor out of me by spending countless hours weeding, picking potato bugs, and harvesting.  Actually what I really hated about the garden was green beans, especially washing them and how they magically kept replenishing themselves in the sink. 

This sweet corn that I picked made me think of my Grandma Tollefson.  She would often come over when Operation Corn was in full swing.  I was often on the husking and silk removing crew while my mom, sister, and grandma were in the kitchen cutting, cooking, and baging the corn.  One year when my sister was no longer home, my mom decided to promote me to kitchen crew.  It wasn't many hours after this "promotion" that I found out that my mom and dad decided that they were going to leave to celebrate their anniversary.  At the time, I wasn't overly happy about the kitchen crew being reduced to Grandma and I  but now it is a special memory of mine.  My grandma passed away in April 2010.  I am thankful that there are so many different things thoughout my life that make me think of her and all of the things that we did together.

So this picture isn't from my corn slaving days but I did want to post a picture of my Grandma Tollefson that we took at my brother's wedding in November 2010.

HELPFUL HINT:  To help take the silks off a corn after taking the husks off, take a clean kitchen hand towel and rub the cob against it.  The silks will stick in the towel - it works pretty well but there are usually still a couple of stuborn silks that you will have to pick off.  (Make sure you pick a kitchen towel that has fuzzies on it like your bathroom hand towel - that is what grabs the silks.  A kitchen flour sack towel will not work - there is nothing for the silks to get caught in.)

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