Tuesday, September 27, 2011

52 Weeks of Anna

Most current page I have scrapped.
Some of you might be wondering - what is 52 Weeks of Anna?  Well I decided before Anna was born that I wanted to document Anna's first year by taking a picture of her every Sunday, the day she was born, for one year.  It has been a fun way to document how she has grown from week to week and so forth.  I have managed to get a picture every Sunday but I do not have every picture scrapbooked yet.  So little time so many fun things to do.  Anyways, I would encourage anyone that is going to have a little one to consider doing a "52 Weeks Project". 

If you are going to do a 52 Weeks Project, here are just a couple of suggestions that I have:
- Take the time to jot down a couple of notes of what happened that day, that way when you get around to journaling that week you can remember what happened
- Try to caputure what she did that day or what new skill they have developed the last week or even what size of diapers and clothes they are wearing if it is a day where nothing else is standing out to journal about
- Make the 52 Week Project into a scarpbook - either a digital scrapbook or a tradititonal scrapbook.  If you are going to do a digital scrapbook, I would suggest checking out this site: http://www.mixbook.com/.  If you choose to do more of a traditional scrapbook I would suggest looking online for different layout designs.  I often take inspiration from layout that I have found online which are nicely organized on my Pinterest (What's Pinterest? check out my post about it.) which makes MOST of my pages fairly quick to scrap.

On a side note: I hate to admit it but this page, week 30, I spent multiple hours - and yes I mean hours to design.  For anyone who scrapbooks - this was my page where things just didn't fall into place so I struggled with the design for a long time. I rearranged probably 12 times before I was happy with it. 

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