Friday, September 9, 2011

Anna's Closet - Clothing Size Organizers

While waiting for the rest of the lumber to arrive for Anna's closet I decided to try an idea that I saw on pinterest.  One person showed how they made hanging circle dividers for different sized clothing.  I loved this idea because I keep on forgetting where I hang what sizes. 

After viewing my inspiration piece on pinterest I got to work.  I found some cute coordinating scrap paper and some thin chipboard I had laying around too.  I designed my circle with a cut out in the center on my SCAL software and then cut everything using my Cricut.  I then covered my chipboard pieces with my paper and added vinyl size numbers using white vinyl that I also cut with my Circut.  Here is what my final project looked like:
I impatiently waited for Anna to get done with her nap until I could put them to use in her closet:
I think these would make a wonderful gift for expecting mothers.  I wish I would have seen this idea while I was getting the nursery ready.  I know they would have gotten a lot of use in the last nine months.

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