Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Anna's Closet Project - The Idea

So I have decided that I am ready to attack Anna's closet and get it set up to function better.  Here is a snap shot of what I have been working with.
Believe it or not I do have it organized but it still just looks like a huge mess.  Part of what I don't like about the closet is that Anna is out growing her clothes at such a fast rate that this age, I feel like I am constantly shuffling and seeing where I have what sizes.  My current system is that I have the next size of clothes that she will be wearing hanging.  I have all the clothes that we received as presents hanging also.  I love to buy clothes at garage sales and such so I have totes of them.  I have totes for the clothes that she is out growing and totes of clothes that she will be growing into.  I use my old diaper boxes labeled with sizes to store the clothes she has out grown to store the clothes until I have enough to fill up a tote.  I always make sure to put my totes with the largest size on the bottom and the smallest on the top so if we do have another girl down the road I won't have to go through and sort everything. 

Here is what I would like to change about Anna's closet:
1.  Have double hanging bars so I will have more space to hang clothes.
2.  Get rid of the pink and purple organizers that hang from the rod and replace them with a storage shelving that will reach to the ceiling.
3.  Put shelving where I currently have my totes stashed so I don't have to unstack them every time I need to find something.  (Note the totes on the floor and stacked in the corner.)  This storage I also want to go all the way to the ceiling.

While coming up with what I wanted I checked out a couple of different websites where they ship you a custom closet - after seeing it could easy cost $700 to $1,000 I decided I would come up with my own plan. I was excited because I finally figured exactly what I wanted to do with Anna's closet so I told my husband about my master plan.   Eric is a great sport but still wasn't overly excited with me finding ways to spend his time on Labor Day Weekend, I don't blame him for that.  :)  Did I mention he was a really good sport about the whole project?? 

I drew up my design and figured out what and how much we needed for materials.  Eric went to buy the supplies at a local lumber yard when I found out that they were all out of the shelving material that I wanted - it should be coming sometime within the next week.  I will post the progress once we receive all of the building materials. 

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