Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Favorite Website - www.pinterest.com

I recently have fallen in love with another website - Pinterest.  I had several people tell me about this website but didn't realize how wonderful it was until I started using it.  According to the website "Pinterest is a virtual pinboard to organize and share things that you love". 

How it works it that when you are on the internet and you see a picture of something you like you "PinIt" to boards that you set up.  You can set up as many boards as you would like.  Here are just a couple of the boards that I have: Anna's Room, Scrapbooking Layouts, For Home, Photography, Sewing Ideas, etc. 

Here is a snapshot of my pinterest site:

You can these click into a specific board to see everything that you have pinned.  For example, here is my sewing board:

I love searching the pinterst site itself to see what everyone else has been pinning.  There are soo many great ideas out there and I love being able to visually them them all at once now.

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