Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Project List

So I often have lots of ideas of things I want to do and not enough time.  Recently when I do seem to have a little time I feel like I am not sure what I should work on so I decided to start a list.  As I work on each project I will make posts with updates of the progress.

Katie's Project List (or maybe I should call this Katie's Project Wish List)

1. Organize Tuttle's Closet (I already got a start on this one but it is still a work in progress)
2. Scrap 52 Weeks of Anna
3. Work on my Mixbook
4. Make a "pretties" holder for Nugget
5. Applique on Oneies
6. Make a little man tie
7. Make bookmarks with bows
8. Make a wearth using old books
9. Make fabric flowers for headbands

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