Thursday, September 22, 2011

So Big!

On Sunday, while I was feeding Anna she decided to show me how big she was - not just once either - but over and over again.  I think she really like my reaction when she did it so she just kept on throwing her arms up in the air while making her excited sound.  She even showed off her new found skill the next day at daycare for Christi.

I am excited for this afternoon - she has her 9 month doctor appointment.  I have always looked forward to her doctor appointments to find out her new height and weight AND this time we don't even need any shots - yahoo!!

It ceases to amaze me how quickly Anna is learning at this age.  It is fun to reflect on how much she has changed over the last nine months and how much more she will learn even in just the coming month. 

One last picture - Anna was a big girl on Sunday because she also got to swing when we went out for our walk.  It was such a nice but rather windy day.

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