Monday, September 5, 2011

Soda Cracker Bars

So get your walking shoes on!  This recipe is incredibly delicious and fast but insanely horrible for a person.  Not to mention I could probably polish off a whole pan by myself.  I decided to make these bars because of my recent defeat.  We were having friends over one night and I decided to make them for dessert.  I think this is the first time that the recipe didn't work out for me; actually it was a COMPLETE DISASTER!  I ended up burning the caramel part of the bars while they were in the oven.  To top it off, I decided that I may not notice the burnt taste if I would just put more chocolate on top.  I ended up being even more mad with myself because I wasted chocolate because there is no covering up burnt and I should have known better.  My brother once showed me this website - something about EPIC FAIL - well that is what happened that day. 

This recipe is one that my mom made while growing up.  She really liked them because it took only four ingredients that we normally had on hand.

Soda Cracker Bars
Line jellyroll pan with foil and then cover it with soda crackers, salted side down.
Boil together for 3 minutes:
      1 c. brown sugar
      1 c. butter

Pour over crackers and bake 5-8 minutes at 400.

Place 6 oz chocolate chips on top.  (Eric didn't think I had enough on there so he added a couple more while he impatiently waited for the bars to get done.

Spread when melted.  Add nuts if desired and cut while warm.

Here are a couple of secrets to making these bars turn out just right. 
#1 - when bringing your butter and sugar to a boil - make sure that you use a medium heat - don't use a high heat - you risk burning the sugar and it is likely that if you don't burn the sugar that the caramel part of your bars will be crystalized.
#2 - when selecting a jelly roll pan use one that isn't dark colored - this is what caused my epic fail last time OR if you only have darker colored jelly roll pan, make sure you reduce your heat by 25 degrees
#3 - like the recipe says cut while warm - this will make it so much easier - if you get distracted and wait after they are cooled you can still cut them but it will be a lot more work

Well if you are ever in need of a quick dessert that takes four common grocery items I would suggest giving these a try. 

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