Monday, October 24, 2011

Bath Time Routine

So like most kids, Nugget LOVES bath time.  Eric and I have stopped saying the word bath if she isn't going to be getting one.  We have a routine that we have been doing awhile with her now.  If she is in the living room we will sign to her and say "Do you want to take a bath Anna?"  She then gets excited and starts crawling with gusto to the bath room.  I tried recording this routine but I am not sure what I did wrong with the sound so I will narrate the video for you. 

Anna starts off sitting - Eric asks "bath?" she starts crawling but get slightly distracted by me videotaping (she gets this ADD from her dad) but then soon remembers that dad said bath.  She starts crawling and then takes a break to see what I am up to until she hears dad turning on the water and then she presumes crawling, this time full steam ahead.  She rounds the corner into the bed room and then gets distracted by her toy ball (again a trait from her dad) but decides to continue on her quest to the tub. 

The original video shows Anna crawling up to the tub in the bathroom but for whatever reason the whole "bath time routine" was too large of a file to send via Eric's phone so I guess this is what I get.  Oh well.

I really enjoy seeing how excited Anna gets for her bath - I hope she maintains this excitement for years to come!

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