Thursday, October 6, 2011

Book Wreath Tutorial

I decided I wanted to make a book wreath after being inspired by a tutorial I found on pinterest.  (If you don't know what pinterest is about read my post: Another Favorite Website - Pinterest.)  But after following the tutorial and not successfully attaching my book pages to my wreath using staples, my friend and I came up with a better method.

Supply List:
Old Book
Paint - optional
Paint Brush - optional
Straw Wearth - leave the plastic on
Stick Pins

1. If you desire - take craft paint and dilute with water and paint the book edges.  I painted mine black. Let the paint dry. 
2. Tear your pages out of your book. 
3. Cut several pages into approximately inch to 2 inch wide strips.  Take these strips and wrap around the wreath.  Use tape to secure the strips.  Helpful Hint:  Cut the margins of the pages off before cutting your stips.  This way your will have text only and no blank spots around your wreath.
4. Accordian fold your paper but do not crease your folds.  Take your accordain and place a pin half way in the center of the length of your page.  Then use the pin to secure the page to your wreath.  Repeat until your wreath is full.
5. Attached a ribbon for hanging.

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