Saturday, October 1, 2011

Padded Lens Cover

So during one of my recent Saturday coffee gatherings, I decided that I should possibly be a little bit more careful when transporting my camera and lens in my purse.  I pulled my camera out of my purse with no lens cover and no case when one of the coffee girls practically had a heart attack. 

So one night when I couldn't fall asleep I came up with an idea how I could still just use my purse as a way to carry my camera and lens but in a safer manner - a custom padded cover.

I just used scraps of stuff I had laying around:
    Cute fabric
    Natural cotton batting

It didn't take me very long to sew up my lens caring case - I just put down my lens and cut out my fabric with right sides together with a layer of batting on the bottom.  I left an opening to turn it right side out and then I just tipped in the ends and sewed across the opening.

Here is what my case looks like unwrapped.  You can't see the Velrco that I sewed to the opposite sides of the two "wings" but that is how how I keep the lens from falling out of the cover.

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