Sunday, October 9, 2011

Photo Editing - Brightness and Contrast

Well I am still to trying to learn more about Paint Shop Pro.  There seems to be alot of tutorials out there for photo editing but alot of them are for Photoshop.  So again I am working with a Photoshop tutorial and ran until a slight snag.  The tutorial said to adjust the levels.  I do believe the equilivent in PSP would be to select Adjust - then Brightness and Contrast - and then Brightness and Contrast.  I made sure that I had the Preview on Image box selected so could see what my adjustments were doing.

So I know that this isn't a very exciting image to be working with but I did need to edit this picture since it is going to be used used as a cover sheet on a monthly report for work.  I will have a couple of things to adjust before I am completely done editing this picture (I will post later) but I did want to show what each step in the process does.

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