Thursday, October 27, 2011

Photo Editing - Scripts (My best discovery about PSP yet!)

So I know I haven't exactly kept up with my goal of learning one new technique each week but last weekend I learned LOTS while working on editing some pictures that I took for my brother’s family.  (Aren't my nephew and neice too cute?? Okay - I might be a little basis...)

First thing I learned was that Paint Shop Pro scripts are equivalent to Photoshop actions.  Why is this a big deal you might ask?  Well because you can edit a photo a million times faster!! (Okay maybe not a million but I was so thrilled by learning what a script was that I showed my husband, who really has not interest in photo editing but I had to show someone!)

A script is a recorded set of steps for editing photos. Instead of manually adding new layers, filling a layer with color, adjusting the opacity, etc. you just "play" a script and it automatically does it for you.  You may have to click an "ok" here or there but it cuts down on the time it took me to edit photos drastically.

To run a script you will need to go into your toolbars and select to view your Script Toolbar.  On your Script Toolbar you select the script that you would like to run and then you click the play button.  Easy!!

Your program comes with scripts but you can find more online.  I found one online called Chocolate that I downloaded and added to my PSP restricted file, that I used in the above example.  I haven't found lots of PSP scripts online yet but I am not sure if I am searching for them correctly or not.  So far I have been Googling "psp scripts free" and have found a couple that I like.

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