Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oatmeal + Banana = Face Paste

Okay, so this isn't an official recipe for Face Paste - I am sure there are other tasty food combos that make up a nice paste too - I bet potatoes make a nice base for a face paste too.  (Just a side note:  that is a chunk of banana in Nugget's nose, not a giant boogie.)

This picture pretty much sums up Nugget's first attempt of feeding herself, which she seemed to really enjoy.  I was amazed how well she could handle her spoon and the fact she did manage to spoon food into her mouth (although I guess since EVERYTHING does go into her mouth I am starting to wonder why I was so impressed by this after all). 

My two lessons I learned this day:

1.  Anna is already showing signs of wanting to be independent.  For example, after she sucked all of her oatmeal banana paste off her spoon so we tried helping her scoop up her next bite.  She didn't appreciate our "help" at all.  I wonder what future independent actions she will take that will make me so proud of her and what future independent actions are going to tests my skills as a parent - only time will tell.  : )

2. If you choose the first time you are going to let your child feed themselves, maybe you should choose a time when they aren't overly tired. Anna took an extremely short nap.  She cried the whole time I was trying to clean her up.

Just by looking at my "before" picture you think I would have realized that Nugget was still tired.


  1. Hi. Met you on Picture the Holidays

  2. Dearest sweet katie, i am from picture the holidays group and i am so glad i came by to visit you today! Loving this post so much and she is just so adorable! Her photos made me smile. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!