Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Every Little Thing - Day 6

I love getting Christmas cards and every aspect that makes them up - whether it is the details in the pictures, the family update or the festive embellishments.  My small delight today is a miniature stocking hat that decorated a Christmas card I received.  Since I am a crafty girl I had to keep this cute little embellishment.  

  Every Little Thing - Day 6 Prompt
Begin this day with eyes wide open to the tiny wonders that are constantly swirling all around you. Even at the most ordinary time of day, while doing the most mundane tasks, little moments of enchantment will reveal themselves. Find some small delight today.
Note: An overwhelming stack of holiday wrapping felt like a real chore until I found this delicate spiral in the mix. Something small like this is often all it takes to make your day!


  1. Love your blog. Met you on Picture the Holidays.