Thursday, December 15, 2011

Got Gifts? - Day 15

 Today I designed this tag to attach to a little present that my little Nugget made for each of her Grandparents. 
Okay - I will be honest, I wasn't very excited about my photo prompt today.  I am lacking majorly in editing and computer designed skills so I did the best that I could. (Thanks Picnik!)

I am hoping to print this in a wallet size so that it will look more like a gift tag and just another of my many pictures that I take.  I am hoping to update this post with a picture of the final product attached to their presents.

Okay so I finally got around to actually getting in designed tag attached to my gifts to the grandparents so I thought I would include a picture of the final product.

Got Gifts? - Day 15 Prompt
We've made it to the half way mark of the season already. Time if flying by! Since this is the season of giving, today is the day for putting some of your beautiful photos to good use. We are creating gift tags and/or mini note cards using our photos. That way your tag will be just as special as the gift inside.  The first part of this process is to shoot an image or images that you'd like to use for tags. You can make unique tags for each gift or you can choose one image and use it on all your tags this season. It's up to you!
Note: You don't have to tackle this whole project today if you don't have time. Feel free to shoot tag worthy images and share those with our Facebook Community, that is wonderful! If you do make a tag today, feel free to shoot a photo of the tag to share. We'd love to see your handiwork!

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