Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Make a List (check it twice) - Day 19

So here is my list located on the top of my Monday night to-do pile.  It isn't a creative list but I had plenty of items I needed to get done when I got home from work.  I am taking Wednesday off from work and I keep on randomly thinking of all of these different things I should do.  Since my memory is incredibly horrible I thought I better start jotting down things down. 

Make a List (check it twice) - Day 19 Prompt
I don't know about you but I'm big on lists. If I don't write it down, chances are I won't remember it! Lists are for to-dos and don't forgets but they can also be for hopes and wishes (especially in the season of giving and receiving).  Today, share your list in one way or another. Focus on the whole or on a tiny yet significant part. Give us a glimpse into what you jot down to help you remember.
Note: Humor me today; as a gesture of self-kindness, write something down somewhere on your list that will help you to keep your perspective. You don't have to shoot it for your prompt unless you want to. The object here is to whisper a sweet nothing to yourself that you will stumble upon later. It will be just what you need.

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