Thursday, December 1, 2011

Picture the Holidays

So I have signed up for a class called Picture the Holidays.  I will be honest, I was more than hesitant to sign up for this class knowing that I will be getting a daily email that will prompt me to Picture the Holidays.  Between working full time, being a mom, a wife, and getting ready for this time of year I sometimes feel like I don't have enough time.  However, after reading the class creed (see below) I truly hope that I can stop and realize what is truly important and enjoy each and every one of my busy days to its fullest.  I know that I won't be completing my daily prompt each day but I do plan on completing every prompt that I am given.  I am also planning on posting each of my prompts when I do get around to getting them completed. 

I don't like having a post without a picture so I decided to include a picture that I took on Thanksgiving weekend.  It has been a long standing tradition that my family puts up a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Since my mom has a total of 11 helpers (grandkids) the tree was decorated fast this year.  I took this picture because I LOVE how kids always hang a pile of ornaments together AND on the lowest branch possible. 

So here is to December and enjoying the holiday season!

Picture the Holidays - Class Creed
play a little   slow down   be thankful   believe in magic   exercise patience   trust my intuition   honor creative spirit   entertain new perspectives   focus on what matters   receive graciously   open up to love   experience joy

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  1. Lovely introductory post... excellent photo and story too!