Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Simply Divine - Day 13

Today I took a picture of an angel ornament that my Great Grandma Una made and gave to me when I was pretty young.  It has always been one of my favorites.  I would always make sure to place a Christmas light right next to it so it would shine bright much like the angels did when Christ was born. 

Simply Divine - Day 13 Prompt
No matter what holiday you celebrate, chances are there is something divine about it. There is a reverie this time of year for forces far grander than ourselves. We honor our family, friends, connection, love, light and a source that makes it all possible.  Find a way today to translate the truth for you. Share the divinity in your life, whether it be through an obvious symbol or an overall feeling you carry, work on bringing it to your photography today.
Note: Capturing what's intangible can be challenging. Using the symbols that speak to us of what we cannot see, hear, or touch can help, especially in pictures. But don't be held to just objects. You can think above and beyond the box on this one. Just feel your way.

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