Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This Magic Moment - Day 25

Well, I will be honest, I struggled with today's prompt - it is harder to find those magical moments while you are chasing your one year old and saying no to about 95% of everything she want to touch while celebrating Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa & Great Grandma's house.  Here is a snap shot that I have that sorta summed up the magical part of having a one year old during Christmas. 
This was my Nugget's first Christmas and I know she is too young to understand the true meaning of Christmas.  I am looking forward to when she knows that we are celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and it not just a long crazy weekend of missed naps, present openings, and a complete lack of routine.
We still enjoyed going to the Christmas Eve service but I often found myself being distracted by being a human jungle gym during parts of the service.  There was a lady who loudly sang a solo and during the high parts of the song our little Nugget found it necessary to cover both of her ears - slightly humorous to me but also slightly distracting too. 

This Magic Moment - Day 25 Prompt
Chances are today you'll find yourself amongst family or friends celebrating one another and this glorious season. I don't have to remind you to take your camera, that's for sure! But even while you're in documentary mode, try finding something off the beaten path.  Turn your lens toward something that sheds light on the day. A detail, angle, or perspective that tells the story beyond any traditional portrait. Note: Sometimes our favorite shots end up being those images that make us think, contemplate, or even laugh out loud. Enjoy your day and have fun with your camera, whatever you do!

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  1. What a great photo! I remember those days back when my kids were that small... it's tricky, but it gets a lot better. This could've been a wonderful Christmas Card photo too!