Monday, December 5, 2011

The View From Here - Day 5 Monday

This is my winter view that I enjoy from where I park my car at work.  The sunrises over the last couple weeks have been nothing short of amazing.  I enjoy them in my rearview mirror as I make a short 5 mile communte to the grain elevator that I work at in a very small town.  At least there is one benefit of the shorter days of winter - I enjoy the sunrises and sunsets as I go to and from work.   I will confess that I might be one of the few in North Dakota that wishes we had snow and that I would have be able to have a picture of a snow covered landscape for my picture today. 

I have one more fun picture that I would like to share that I took at work.  One of the farmers ran into our mailbox so we decided that we wanted to make a special Christmas card just for him.  Here is the picture for the card.  Don't you think it would look really nice if everything would have been covered in snow??   
They View From Here - Day 5 Prompt
Chances are it's chilly outside today. After all, winter is coming. Whether you choose to brave the cold and venture outside today or you gaze just out your window, take a few moments to enjoy the view.
A picturesque landscape, falling snow, the road that stretches out before you, winter foliage; it could be anything. Take stock at what beauty Mother Nature has dished up today. With a deep breath, take it all in, and click.
Note: When we shoot a "view" we tend to shoot wide and go for the quintessential landscape shot. You can't beat that approach for sweeping vistas. But what if your view isn't vast or grand? You can still share what you see effectively by only including select parts of the view in your frame. Your view can be either infinite or a vignette. It's up to you.

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  1. Yes, I agree...North Dakota should have snow, even if its a pain, isn't that one of the reasons to live there!? The mailbox would be even lovelier with it.