Thursday, December 15, 2011

Warm Glow - Day 17

With my Nugget sleeping and the house completely quite I decided to work on my Picture the Holidays photo prompt.   I love the soft light of the flame.  The glow reminds me of Christmas Eve services, specifically when you hold a candle and sing songs - everything about the birth of Christ seems so sweet and peaceful. 
 Now after having a child I have a slightly different scenario that runs through my mind how things actually went down that night in the stable.   Parts of the scenario that runs through my head includes two very tired, nervous soon to be parents, smells and loud sounds of cattle, and a very crisp cold feel to the air.

On a very random side note: I rarely light candles in our house mainly because I am not very cautious and often forget I have them burning.  My husband strongly discourages me from using candles - something about liking the house we live in and not wanting it to burn down.  : )

Warm Glow - Day 17 Prompt
Nothing beats the warm glow of candlelight. There is something so sacred about lighting a candle, especially during the holiday season. I have started using candles in my every day life for a number of reasons. Each time I strike a match and burn a candle I am reminded of the power of intention and how my own attention can make such a difference in my daily life.  Today, capture the glow of a candle to signify what is meaningful in your life. Make a wish, set an intention, pray, meditate and shoot.
Note: You do not have to wait until dark to light up the dark! Candles are for anytime. The photo today was taken one morning, specifically for this prompt. After shooting a number of angles and perspectives I shot straight down into the flame. To my delight, I discoverd a happy face smiling back at me. Do you see it? Talk about an affirmation!

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