Thursday, December 22, 2011

You Are Getting Sleepy - Day 22

I am getting sleepy and it isn't even 8 p.m. yet.  I decided to take a picture of my little Nugget while she was enjoying her nighttime bottle.  I love way I captured her little feet in this picture.  I know I don't have the best focus but I am still learning the ins and outs of my new Christmas gift, the wireless remote shutter release. 
      I originally had a completely different idea for today's prompt.  I planned on having some of my friends over for some relaxing which included soaking our feet while enjoying some wintery beverages such as peppermint hot coco, hot apple cider, or egg nog topped with whipped cream while catching up and hearing about the coming weekend plans.  I was just going to snap a quick picture of my feet soaking while chatting with friends. 
    Plans changed however about an hour before everyone was set to arrive.  My babysitter, who also is my husband, wasn't feeling well.  By not feeling well, I mean displaying symptoms of flu and looking slightly like death.  I didn't want my friends to be exposed to what was going down at my house so I postponed relaxing night.  Instead, Nugget and I played together while dad got some much needed rest.  Even though it wasn't the type of relaxing I first thought I was going to have tonight, I still did get to relax and enjoy the evening with my daughter. 
You Are Getting Sleepy - Day 22 Prompt
It's around this time of year that we really need to rest.
Rest?! Now? I can't rest now...there's so much left to do...
That might be true and in fact, that's exactly why I encourage you to take a break.
I'm giving you permission to shut down today in order to properly reboot. Even if only for 10 minutes at your desk during your lunch break. Or when you put the baby down for her nap, or right in the middle of what you are doing right now even. Because your prompt today is to capture rest, however you can manage it, I'm holding you accountable. Tricky, aren't I?
Note: Images of sweet slumber can ease our trouble minds. Let yourself enjoy the feeling of drifting off to dreamland, if only for a short visit. Sweet dreams.

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