Sunday, December 4, 2011

You Hold The Key - Day 4

Today's picture is supposed to remind myself of my own soul cure so I can have it ready when this Christmas Season gets busy.  Drinking a warm beverage does wonders for me.  I am always cold (this is where my husband would say - it’s true - she uses seat heaters in the car in the summer) and it physically helps me warm up and it also helps me relax.  Some of my favorite hot beverages include coffee, tea, and hot chocolate (which is super delicious with some candy cane melted in and topped with whipped cream). 

I was deliberate in the mug that I chose for my morning coffee today.  I received this mug from my Grandma Clarice last year.  I thought the saying on the mug “Wouldn’t life be me worth living and all our dreams come true, if we kept the Christmas Spirit all the whole year through” was fitting for the whole theme of Picture the Holidays. 

Now slightly off the topic I would like to share a photography triumph.  I haven’t owned a dslr camera for that long so this was the first time I tried taking a picture of myself.  I have read tips on blogs on self-portraits but never took the time to actual try it.  So I am happy today to click (or check) taking a self portrait of my photography bucket list. 

You Hold The Key - Day 4 Prompt
We all have at least one magic remedy that no matter what, will give us the perspective that we need. The key is to remember what that is and pull it out when we need it most. Because this month is about enjoying ourselves and not letting the craze out there get the best of us, use today to remind yourself of your own soul cure so you can have it at the ready for whenever you might need it. What helps you to slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment? Capture it!
Note: Tools for peace of mind can consist of anything. I know that a walk always helps get me grounded. Or a talk with a trusted friend. Maybe it's reading a few pages of your favorite book or just some cleansing exhales that help you. Creatively capture that thing you need to soothe your soul. Use the image to draw on throughout the month.

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  1. It's a great self portrait! I played around with SP's last year for the first time & it unleashed so much additional creativity in me!
    Way to go!!