Monday, January 2, 2012

Now There's No Looking Back! - Day 30

Today's challenge - visually translate the idea of moving forward.  I thought this would be a good time to try and be creative with shutter speeds by trying to capture movement by using a really low shutter speed.  After about ten minutes - I gave up and knew a somewhat easier way of translating the idea of moving forward - taking a picture of my Nugget and her attempts of walking by herself. 
It's really exciting to see Nugget work on getting walking down but she doesn't want to practice walking all the time so I felt lucky she was in a practicing mood when I decided to work on this prompt.  I love how you can tell she is really wobbly while she takes her couple steps each time.  I do wish that I would have been able to get a sharper image - especially of her eyes but overall I am glad I was able to capture her learning how to walk or in this case wobble. 
So 2012 - like my little Nugget - I am going to put my best foot forward and take on what challenges and accomplishments that this year is going to hold for me with a determined attitude.

Now There's No Looking Back! - Day 30 Prompt
We gave the past its due, now it's time to turn toward the future. There is so much to look forward to with new beginnings on the horizon. There's no turning back's full steam ahead in the best possible way! Today's challenge is to visually translate the idea of moving forward.
Onward ho!
Note: Turning your back on something doesn't have to be a negative. It can be a sign that the old ways of doing things are no longer needed as you embrace the new. Sometimes that kind of paradigm shift can help you move mountains. Use today's prompt to explore how you feel about the ending of one year and the start of a new one.

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  1. She's a real cutie! I remember that stage... get ready to move A LOT! Met you through PtH!