Sunday, January 1, 2012

Through the Looking Glass - Day 28

I enjoyed todays photo prompt - I never thought about taking a picture through a glass or window.  I experimented a while.  I first took some pictures through the glass on our front door to capture some shots of our recent snow that I am excited about but I ended up using this shot instead.  This picture I took of two big pine trees in our neighbors yard through my patio door.  I love how the water glass makes the pine trees looks super skinny and tall.

Through the Looking Glass - Day 28 Prompt
As you know by now, I am big on perspective. As in, a slight change in it can make all the difference. Sometimes turning something on its ear is the most refreshing shift in how it's perceived. Just like with life, a photographic image isn't always as it seems. When you use a tool to alter your creative vision on purpose, the results can be surprising and illuminating.
Find something, anything, that changes the way things look today. Shoot through your water glass, a window, or even through something that's not quite as clear as you'd like it to be, just to see what happens. There is beauty in mystery. It's your job to discover it.

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