Monday, January 2, 2012

A Toast! - Day 29

     A toast to 2011!  Oh boy, where do I start?  I reflect on the year while enjoying my eggnog and here are just some of the many things I would like to toast for 2011: (Sorry for the longer post in advance.)
     FAMILY: What an amazing year of changes for my family.  My husband brought home this picture album and said it needed updating.  Looking through the pictures made me realize how much our little Nugget as grown and how many things she has learned in her first year of life.  She has added so much joy to our lives (and depending on the day maybe some frustrations too).  Eric and I have evolved into a team when it comes to parenting.
     HEALTH: I feel blessed for our health as I look back on this past year.  Other than two minor flus we have been a healthy family.  While I was sick with the flu I thought of all of our loved ones, friends and family, who are struggling with health issues and how minor my flu really was compared to others health issues. 
    WORK:  Reflecting on this past year also makes me appreciate both my husband and my jobs - that we both have work environments where we look forward to going to work.  When Nugget was born I stayed home 12 weeks with her and then returned to work part time until 6 months - how many employers have that sort of flexibility??  :)  I am also super thankful that Eric finished his studying and passed is CFP test.  I can appreciate all his hard work and studying that he put into his CFP but I really do enjoy the fact that when we can do family stuff without having to plan around studying time.  :)
     OPPORTUNITIES: I also appreciate of opportunities that have presented themselves over the last year.  In October, I gave notice at my work that in the new year I was going to stay home with my Nugget.  Once word got out, I had people approach me to start doing bookkeeping for them out of my home.  I wasn't planning on having a small home business but quickly became excited for the opportunity.  

A Toast! - Day 29
As the year draws to an end, we often look ahead to the New Year, making resolutions, setting intentions, eager for a fresh start. But today you are not going to toast to all that is to come, instead I'd like you look back on the year that's passed to honor the journey.
Raise a glass (of whatever your magic elixir might be), sing a song, give yourself a hug, anything to celebrate you and where you've been. You've come a long way baby! And you made it.

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