Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Product Review - Pilot FriXion Light

So I received this Pilot FriXion Light from my mom as a Christmas present and I finally gave it a try the other day.  My mom told me it was a highlighter that you can use on fabric and if you apply heat to it that it disappears.  This came in super handy as I worked on changing part of my camera bag insert (see the black padded object in top left of picture).  What I did was make a mark with my FriXion highlighter (pictured on bottom left) as to where I needed to sew my fabric to make a decorative cover for the ugly black padded piece.  I have two separate examples.  On the top right you can see what part I had applied an iron to - you can't see the pink anywhere.  On the bottom right I used my FriXion highlighter again to highlight were I wanted to sew and then again - apply a little heat and the pink disappeared.  I will do another post in regard to my camera bag insert (another Christmas present that I received) with my final pictures of this project.

I did a little more research on this product and from what I can tell it is really is an erasable highlighter that is for paper, I gave that a try too and it worked wonders.  Anyways, thanks for the great Christmas present mom!  I am going to love having this "fabric" highlighter.  I am sure I am going to use a ton when I work on my sewing projects!

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