Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a Hoot!

What a hoot - I turned a year older this weekend.  A dear friend of mine gave me this adorable set of salt and pepper shakers as a present. I love owls but I can't realy explain why. I absoutely love these shakers and have already gotten them filled up and ready to go. 
I am hoping with turning a year older that I am also becoming a little wiser (owls are suppose to be wise right??  maybe that is why I like them so much??).  I was reminded by my mom yesterday that thirty-one years ago she was shopping and the weather was just wonderful, much like we have been experiencing this year. While shopping she started going to into labor.  It was an exciting 20 mile trip home for my Aunt Robin, Aunt Liz, and my mom.  Thanks to my Aunt Liz and rushing my dad and only letting him wash his hands and not shower, I was born in a hospital and not along side Highway75. 


  1. Happy Birthday Katie. I'm sending a hug and a dispensation of wisdom for you on your birthday week.