Friday, April 20, 2012

My Life - My Breakfast (Day 20)

So today my family got going a little later, we all slept in about an hour past when we normally get up mostly due us not feeling well. Toodles and I were eating breakfast and I remembered that I better take a picture for my daily prompt.

This isn't my typical breakfast - I normally have two slices of toast and a cup of diet coffee (by diet I mean coffee with milk instead of delicious creamer) and watch the Today show. But today Golden Grahams were looking especially delicious so I thought it would be a good way to start my Friday morning.

So in setting up this shot I decided that I should play with my aperture (which controls light and depth of field) to decided what I wanted my focus of my shot to be - my food or my Today show.  I thought that the two pictures are a good examples of how to use your aperture to determine what you want the subject of your picture to be.  I decided my subject would be food but still thought I would share my subject of the Today show.

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