Friday, April 13, 2012

My Life - My Evening (Day 13)

Let's go swim!
So for today's prompt I couldn't pick a single picture so I decided that I will tell a picture story of part of my evening.  The first picture is a picture of Anna on her way to the pool.  We traveled for five hours in the car and visited with some friends.  During supper we asked Anna if she wanted to go swimming and we got a really big nod of yes.  Finally at 7:30 p.m. (already a half an hour past her bedtime) we made it to our hotel and we were ready to hit the pool.  She was so excited she ran the whole way.  I know that this picture isn't a very good picture but what I love about it is that I don't think either of her feet are actually touching the ground when I snapped it. 
So yea!  We made it to the pool and dad was ready to venture in. 
But it wasn't long and things started going down hill.  Anna wanted me to get in the pool with them so I put down my camera and joined in the fun.... and by fun I mean getting into a pool that freezing - no wonder why Anna was ready to get out after about 30 seconds.
So we got out of the pool after about ten minutes.  It wasn't thirty seconds after being out that Anna was thinking that the pool was a fun idea again.

We decided to give up on the whole swimming idea and call it a night.  We wrapped our shivering little Toodles up in a towel and made our trek back to our room.  I snapped this picture in the elevator on our way back to the room. 

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