Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Life - My Family (Day 14)

My Family - By Me
Here is my family - my husband, my daughter, and me.  Due to our travels this weekend and a busy day I determined that our hotel room was our best spot for a family portrait.  Anna was in pretty good spirits for this photo because she just got up from a nap. 

I wouldn't consider this a very "good" picture when it comes to me working on improving my photography skills.  With an overcast afternoon and limited lighting in the room makes this picture a good example of what happens when you use a high ISO - you get lots and lots of noise. 

My Family - By Toodles
So my little Toodles was really interested in my wireless shutter release while I was trying to take our family picture.  I let her play with it while I was making some adjustments to some of my settings.  She actually took a family picture all on her own (I am sure dad would have smiled if he would of known that she was actually going to take a picture). 

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