Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Life - My Happy Place (Day 23)

This photo prompt got me thinking that I have lots of happy places. You might think its odd that I choose to take a picture of Toodles and I doing laundry in my little laundry closet. No, I don't LOVE doing laundry and yes, I would LOVE a laundry room but the reason I choose this for my happy place picture is that I am thrilled that I have my own washer and dryer and that I have a little girl who gets super excited every time I tell her it’s time for laundry.

Here is a glimpse into our laundry routine. I separate all the dirty clothes into baskets while Toodles is busy taking some of the clothes out of the baskets. We then make our way downstairs. She normally runs over to the stairs (with about the same energy as when she runs down the hotel hallway to the pool) and is ready to start this exciting task. If she isn't already all the way down the stairs the sound of the laundry closet doors (which are really loud) guarantees she will be standing next to me within 15 seconds. I start the water running and add the laundry detergent and such all the while Toodles is saying "More, more, more," telling me she wants to help me. I put her on top of the dryer and let her take all of the dirty clothes out of the basket and into the machine. She also likes to think she is adding soap and stain remover into each load now. I tell her it’s all ready to go and she closes the lid for me.

Toodles also loves "helping" me fold clothes. She will take everything out of the dryer. I sit on the floor and fold everything as it comes out. She even climbs into the dryer to get the socks in the way back of the dryer (sometimes her baby doll even gets involved into this whole process).

Although sometimes Toodles isn't as helpful as she thinks she is - it does make me happy that she LOVES helping me with the laundry. I am sure it won't be long and this will no longer be fun for her and she will do it as part of her chores (I envision lots of future eye rolling and such). 

On a photography side note:  I got to practice taking pictures in low/bad lighting - my laundry is located in a closet in the downstairs hallway.  Again I guess I have another example on how your pictures are less sharp because of having to use a high ISO.  I also for the first time today learned how to use a template in my Lightroom 4 editing software to put together this series of three pictures - I always like learning something new. 

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