Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Life - My Hobby (Day 19)

I love doing so many different types of crafty stuff - I have never been lacking in the hobby area.  So I decided that I would make a collage of what I do when I have some hobby time.

1. Photography - I have also enjoyed taking pictures but even more now that I don't have to buy film and develop it.

2. Paper Crafting - I have lots and lots of paper which allows for lots and lots of different things you can do.  Here are some flowers that I made in a Paper, Paper, Paper class that I took with my mom, sister in-law, and aunt.

3. Traditional Scrapbooking - I really enjoy traditional scrapbooking.  I really started scrapbooking back in college about 12 years ago.  The scrapbook shown is one that I made for my trip to Salzburg.  My most recent and almost completed scrapbook would be my 52 Weeks of Anna.

4.  Digital Scrapbooking - I also love digital scrapbooking.  I make a yearly scrapbook and I have decided that digital is he way to go.  They are faster, less time consuming, and produce a much smaller sized finished product.  I have also noticed that I do better journaling and include more information when I don't have to handwrite everything out.

5. Pinterest Projects - I have found lots of neat craft projects on Pinterest.  This book wearth is one of those ideas. 

6. Fabric Flowers - I also enjoy sewing.  These are the latest sewing project that I have done.  I usually prefer to sew small little projects.  I am not into quilting... yet. (Never say never, right?)

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