Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Life - My Inspiration (Day 18)

What inspires me? Well lots of different people and things inspire me for different reasons. I choose to depict what inspires me when it comes to my hobbies (spoiler alert) which is tomorrows prompt. I see lots of great ideas in magazines and here is one of the ways I organize them. I Mod Podge this binder so I could organize all of the pages that I rip out of magazines. My other major source of inspiration when it comes to my crafty fun is Pinterest but I wasn't coming up with any creative ways to take a picture of my computer screen showing my pinboards.
Here is one last shot of my idea binder.   I couldn't decide between these two pictures so I decided to post them both.  I really love the color of my binder in the first picture but I also like the way this black and white of the photo turned out. 

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