Friday, April 27, 2012

My Life - My Music (Day 27)

After staying home to be with Anna I started playing the piano again. Anna enjoyed playing with me, I can't decide if she likes turning pages or changing the setting to organ the best. If I am remembering correctly I think I started taking lessons in first grade. My piano teacher’s house was just a couple houses away from my Great Grandma Una's house. I would get to visit with her while my sister and/or brother would be having their lesson. These weekly visits meant that I got to know my Great Grandma pretty well. For one of my classes I did an interview with her called The Life of Una.
I remember not liking having to practice (I am sure how much of should of practiced and how much I actually did practice weren't anywhere close to each other). I do remember loving to play the piano for my dad during the summer. He would (and still does) take 15 minute power naps after lunch during which I would play some songs for him. I wish I had a picture of him lying on the living room floor (since his clothes were too dirty from working in the shop to enjoy the comfort of the couch) while I played songs on that old ivory key piano. I liked having someone to listen to me and supposedly he really enjoyed listening.
I even have a scar from that old piano I used to play. If I am remembering correctly, we had a baby sitter and I decided to walk on the back of the couch like a tight rope. I lost my balance and fell right onto the edge of the piano causing a nice little gash in my brow line.
Now I really do love to play the piano. I am a little rusty but find that it brings me peace and relaxation to sit down and play.

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