Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Life - My Reflection (Day 4)

Anna and I headed outside to look for some reflective surfaces.  There is a nearby walking park that sometimes has puddles that I thought would work well but since we have had such a nice Spring there were no puddles to be found so I went onto Plan B.  I used a picnic table as my tripod and gave my sunglasses to my lovely assistant. 
I wasn't overly thrilled with how the shots turned out mostly because I wanted the focus to be on Toodles and/or my reflection.
So to get better control of where I was focusing I decided to take control of the camera.  I like how my reflection s in focus on this shot but I all you see is my camera.

I am pretty sure my assistant was thinking "Are we done yet mom?"  "Did we get the shot?"

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