Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Snow?!  Yes we got snow this last weekend and I wasn't expecting it (I guess for whatever reason I haven't watched the weather part of the news during the last half of last week).  Anna woke up from her afternoon nap and there were HUGE flakes falling from the sky - they were just amazing.  However we had errands to run and by the time we got back home the flakes were rather small.  She still ventured out in the snow for a bit - at first she didn't know what to think and would just stand on the driveway where there was no snow but then she soon discovered that her footprints showed up in the snow and was soon marching around our front yard. 

Althought I wasn't exactly thrilled to see snow in October there is still part of me that just LOVED seeing it.  I guess seeing those monster snowflakes maybe brings back the little kid in me. 

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