Friday, January 3, 2014

Life as I know It - 2014

So it has been a long time since I have last made a blog post - I decided I was due since It has been about nine months since my last one.  

In the last nine months I have managed to keep busy but yet get nothing done and continually feel like my to do list keeps getting longer.  I actually think I am writing this post today just because I can't make up my mind what really would be the best use of my time (this of course is definitely not the best use of my time but at least I am doing something).  

The last nine months have been fast a furious - Emma is for the most part is a very happy girl and Anna for the most part has acted like a two year old.  These pictures I am including with my post today are part of the photo shoot I did for Emma's 9 month pictures (today she turned 9 months) and Anna's 3 year old pictures (turning 3 the day after Christmas).

These are the actual sequence of my pictures - I thought they depicted what a normal day to day interaction is like between these two sisters.

Here is my narrative (starting with the top picture and working our way down):
Time for pictures! Anna of course isn't thrilled with the idea of pictures.

Okay - I broke down and announced a treat bribe - Cheerios for all of those who take good pictures!  Anna is now ready to smile, Emma of course is just excited to be by Anna so has no interest in the crazy sounds I am making behind the camera to have her look in my direction.

Anna took it upon her self and decided that Emma needed a hug.  Ahhh... so sweet... right???

Nope, because Anna doesn't give gentle hugs so Emma starts to cry.  Anna naturally starts making sounds because she finds it absolutely necessary to contribute more noise to the loudness of crying (every single time Emma cries).

Anna then, once again her own idea, thought it would be a good idea to improve Emma's mood by making her smile and starts to tickle her.  Anna is the very best at making Emma laugh.

At this point I have lost the attention of both of my girls - Emma still just happily watching her sister while perfectly tuning me out.  Anna is just being Anna - not really sure what she was playing her but she has an incredible imagination - to me it appears she won some sort of race or a game (most likely a game since currently her favorite past time is playing games).

Emma is now sad again - I am pretty sure Anna smacked her with her arms when she was putting them back down.  Anna of course is remembering my Cheerio bribe and decided it would be a good idea to try and smile.

Emma clams down and Anna has successfully progressed into cheesy smile phase.  Whohoo! I think.. They are both looking at the camera!  But after I downloaded my pictures and saw this sequence I think this is my least favorite picture - I love how the first seven pictures captured how I see my girls in our normal day to day life.

Anyways - this concludes yet another random post to my blog.  I am hoping that I will be able to double my posts for 2014 than few I did in 2013.