Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Picasa Collages

Nugget and I having tea, making supper, and playing downstairs.  She LOVES climbing on the chair that my Grandma Claire had made.
  So it has been awhile since I last posted,  I am currently working on getting into new routine - last Thursday was my last day of work at the elevator.  Friday was my first day of being a stay at home mom, Nugget and I celebrated by having a tea party with her favorite stuff animal, Mr. Pig.  I feel super blessed to be able to stay home with my little Nugget especially since the opporunity of having a small at home bookkeeping service has presented itself. 
   So this January has brought alot of changes for my family.  I am excited with what this year holds for us while I make the transition from working 45 hour weeks to setting up my own business and enjoying many moments with my daughter.  Which brought me to my blog post today - I wanted to learn how to make a collage to capture how my daily rountine has changed.  Last week at my camera group meeting, one of the members brought a picture of a collage.  She said that they are super easy to make in Picasa.  So I decided to give it a try.
   With Picasa open, select the pictures you want to use and then select Create from the menu bar and then select Picture Collage.  This will open up a Collage tab in Picasa.  I then clicked on the Clips tab on the left pane on my screen to bring in more pictures from different files.  Once I got all of my pictures I click on the Settings tab on left pane.  I decided to make a Mosiac collage and then adjusted the Grid Spacing.  I adjusted a few other things and when I was happy with everything I selected the Create Collage button in the left pane on my screen. 
  I am really unsure what I am going to do with my blog from this point forward.  Maybe I will try posting once a week.  Maybe I can get back on track on learning one new thing about my photo editing software each week after I get all of my housework caught up (which I have been slacking on over the last 6 months).

Monday, January 2, 2012

Now There's No Looking Back! - Day 30

Today's challenge - visually translate the idea of moving forward.  I thought this would be a good time to try and be creative with shutter speeds by trying to capture movement by using a really low shutter speed.  After about ten minutes - I gave up and knew a somewhat easier way of translating the idea of moving forward - taking a picture of my Nugget and her attempts of walking by herself. 
It's really exciting to see Nugget work on getting walking down but she doesn't want to practice walking all the time so I felt lucky she was in a practicing mood when I decided to work on this prompt.  I love how you can tell she is really wobbly while she takes her couple steps each time.  I do wish that I would have been able to get a sharper image - especially of her eyes but overall I am glad I was able to capture her learning how to walk or in this case wobble. 
So 2012 - like my little Nugget - I am going to put my best foot forward and take on what challenges and accomplishments that this year is going to hold for me with a determined attitude.

Now There's No Looking Back! - Day 30 Prompt
We gave the past its due, now it's time to turn toward the future. There is so much to look forward to with new beginnings on the horizon. There's no turning back now...it's full steam ahead in the best possible way! Today's challenge is to visually translate the idea of moving forward.
Onward ho!
Note: Turning your back on something doesn't have to be a negative. It can be a sign that the old ways of doing things are no longer needed as you embrace the new. Sometimes that kind of paradigm shift can help you move mountains. Use today's prompt to explore how you feel about the ending of one year and the start of a new one.

A Toast! - Day 29

     A toast to 2011!  Oh boy, where do I start?  I reflect on the year while enjoying my eggnog and here are just some of the many things I would like to toast for 2011: (Sorry for the longer post in advance.)
     FAMILY: What an amazing year of changes for my family.  My husband brought home this picture album and said it needed updating.  Looking through the pictures made me realize how much our little Nugget as grown and how many things she has learned in her first year of life.  She has added so much joy to our lives (and depending on the day maybe some frustrations too).  Eric and I have evolved into a team when it comes to parenting.
     HEALTH: I feel blessed for our health as I look back on this past year.  Other than two minor flus we have been a healthy family.  While I was sick with the flu I thought of all of our loved ones, friends and family, who are struggling with health issues and how minor my flu really was compared to others health issues. 
    WORK:  Reflecting on this past year also makes me appreciate both my husband and my jobs - that we both have work environments where we look forward to going to work.  When Nugget was born I stayed home 12 weeks with her and then returned to work part time until 6 months - how many employers have that sort of flexibility??  :)  I am also super thankful that Eric finished his studying and passed is CFP test.  I can appreciate all his hard work and studying that he put into his CFP but I really do enjoy the fact that when we can do family stuff without having to plan around studying time.  :)
     OPPORTUNITIES: I also appreciate of opportunities that have presented themselves over the last year.  In October, I gave notice at my work that in the new year I was going to stay home with my Nugget.  Once word got out, I had people approach me to start doing bookkeeping for them out of my home.  I wasn't planning on having a small home business but quickly became excited for the opportunity.  

A Toast! - Day 29
As the year draws to an end, we often look ahead to the New Year, making resolutions, setting intentions, eager for a fresh start. But today you are not going to toast to all that is to come, instead I'd like you look back on the year that's passed to honor the journey.
Raise a glass (of whatever your magic elixir might be), sing a song, give yourself a hug, anything to celebrate you and where you've been. You've come a long way baby! And you made it.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Through the Looking Glass - Day 28

I enjoyed todays photo prompt - I never thought about taking a picture through a glass or window.  I experimented a while.  I first took some pictures through the glass on our front door to capture some shots of our recent snow that I am excited about but I ended up using this shot instead.  This picture I took of two big pine trees in our neighbors yard through my patio door.  I love how the water glass makes the pine trees looks super skinny and tall.

Through the Looking Glass - Day 28 Prompt
As you know by now, I am big on perspective. As in, a slight change in it can make all the difference. Sometimes turning something on its ear is the most refreshing shift in how it's perceived. Just like with life, a photographic image isn't always as it seems. When you use a tool to alter your creative vision on purpose, the results can be surprising and illuminating.
Find something, anything, that changes the way things look today. Shoot through your water glass, a window, or even through something that's not quite as clear as you'd like it to be, just to see what happens. There is beauty in mystery. It's your job to discover it.